Classification Markings for Film and Computer Games

May 25, 2015 News


The following classification markings are for films and computer games.

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The following classification markings are only for films.


There is no classification marking for material classified RC. The R 18+ and X 18+ classifications donot apply to computer games in Australia. Only films can carry the R 18+ and X 18+ classification markings.

Classification markings may also be accompanied by consumer advice which may be found in the white space next to the coloured classification marking. The following table shows the combination classification marking (classification marking and space for consumer advice) for each classification category.

generalG classified films and computer games are for general viewing. Many of the films and computer games contain content that would be of no interest to children. The impact of the content is very mild.

parentalPG classified films and computer games may contain material that needs to be explained to children therefore parental guidance is recommended. The impact of the content is mild.

m-restrictedThe M category is recommended for mature audiences. A mature perspective is required to view this material. The impact of the content is moderate.

MArestrictedThe MA 15+ category is a legally restricted category. The impact of the content is strong. A person under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian if viewing or buying a film or computer game classified MA 15+.

18restrictedR 18+ classified films are legally restricted to persons 18 years and over because of the high impact content. Some material in this classification may be offensive to some sections of the adult community.

xrestrictedThe X 18+ classification only applies to films that contain sexually explicit material between consenting adults. It is restricted to persons aged 18 years and over and can only be sold or hired legally in the ACT and the Northern Territory. The possession and supply of X 18+ films is prohibited in prescribed areas of the Northern Territory.

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