High -Wire Act: Cyber- Safety and the Young

May 26, 2015 News


Interim Report Join Select Committee on Cyber-Safety June 2011 released.

The online environment is an integral part of modern economic and social activities, look and a vast resource of education, cialis 40mg information, hospital communication and entertainment. Further, the evolution of new technologies is diversifying the ways in which Australians connect with each other and the world. As part of the Government’s comprehensive commitment to cyber-safety, the Australian Parliament established this Committee in March 2010. This report focuses on how young people can be empowered and connect to the Internet, and use new technologies with confidence, knowing that they can use them safely, ethically and with full awareness of risks and benefits. The facilitation of safer online environments requires government, industry and the broader community to work together to realise the benefits of the online environment while also protecting Australians from dangers and enabling them to use existing and emerging tools to mitigate risks.”

Earlier this year the NSW Parents’ Council provided a submission to the Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety’s inquiry. The Council thanks to those schools and parents who encouraged their young people to complete the survey ‘Are you safe?’.

33,751 young people participated in this survey and the overwhelming message was that the cyber safety message needs to be age appropriate and many suggestions were received on better ways to deliver this message. Many young people do have the knowledge and risk management strategies needed to keep themselves safe on-line and this needs to be valued. Young people responded in the survey saying that cyber-safety programs should build on their existing knowledge with appropriate and resourceful strategies.

The role that parents play in cyber-safety education must also be acknowledged. The family plays an educative role as well as a supportive role when a young person faces cyber-safety risks and dangers. Parents need to assist their children with cyber-safety and cyber ethics message and for this to be possible parents need to be aware of the resources that are available to them.

The interim report, along with the Committee’s recommendations, can be read in full at:

pdfClick here

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