IMPROVE Internet Usage Inventory

June 6, 2016 Online Safety for Kids


This is a tool to consider factors which may impact overuse or problematic use of the Internet. It is not a diagnostic tool.

I : take an Internet Inventory: list the common activities, websites and goals that the person uses. This is as different types of IT usage (eg. Gaming vs. Social networking) will require differing approaches to tackle it.

M : monitor: track the usage and activities over time (eg. a 4 week period). A single ‘snapshot’ of usage may not suffice, as visited sites, or types of games, can vary widely over time. Only a longitudinal picture can provide an accurate overview of usage.

P : parenting factors: examine the positive and negative effects of parenting and parent involvement in the core problems. See specific page on the role of the family on

R : real world activities: list and categorise the real-life activities, sports, hobbies that the client does through a typical week, also noting what activities may have been displaced by increasing computer time.

O : other mental health issues: check for presence, or absence, of associated problems such as low mood, anxiety, social stresses, etc. See article on associated mental health problems on

V : vulnerability factors: an extension of the above, this section examines any recent or past negative events, stresses, or difficulties that may predispose to PIU. May also include personality and developmental factors.

E : is there now extra help needed, beyond just in-family measures: eg.does the school counsellor, family doctor, or a clinical psychologist need to get involved?

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