Our Aims


Mission Statement:

To effectively advocate, represent and support parents with children at independent schools on educational and related issues.

Our Aims:

To promote the right of all parents to choose schools for their children
Foster quality in schooling for all students.

Achieve equity for independent school parents and their children in the distribution of Government funds allocated to schooling.

Goals for 2016

Increase Australian and NSW Government funding for students and schools through a transparent funding process.

Increase Australian and NSW Government funding resources for students with disabilities.
To have equitable access to transparent educational funding for all independent school children.

To facilitate improvement in the quality of  schooling through strengthening home-school partnerships.

Strive to maximise the safety of students in all school-related situations.

Work effectively with other peak school parent organisations.

Maximise the ethos and geographical diversity of school communities in the membership of NSWPC