Parent Associations and Your Representation


Our Executive Officer,  Project Coordinator and State Executive members make a valuable contribution to numerous policy, advice advisory and decision making bodies including:

  • Non-government Schools Advisory Council (DEC)
  • Independent Schools Consultative Committee (AISNSW)
  • The NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES)
  • The Primary Curriculum Committee, Special Education Committee, Registration Committee, and Vocational Training (VETAC) Committee at the Office of the Board of Studies
  • SSWAHS Health Promotion- Schools Advisory Committee
  • Board Curriculum Committees – ie English, Maths, History
  • ACARA Students’ with Disabilities Advisory Group
  • National Literacy & Numeracy Week (NSW Advisory Committee)
  • NSW Joint School Parent Forum (our colleagues representing Catholic and Government system school parents)
  • School Student Transport Scheme Appeals Panel
  • NSW Board of Studies’ School Certificate Review
  • Student Transport Safety Consultative Committee
  • The Parent/ Communities Stakeholder Reference Group for the NSW Child Development Study