Parent Tool kit, Teenage Sleep and the APC

April 30, 2015 2015 E-bulletins


Australian Parents Council Website and registration

The Australian Parents Council is the voice of parents with children at independent schools across the nation. It plays an active and critical role with lobbying on issues of importance to parents. If you would like to connect with the Australian Parents Council (APC) online, you can do so by becoming a registered user by visiting Click here

Most teenagers need 9.25 hours a night sleep say some experts

Karen Boyes, one of Australasia’s most highly regarded experts in education, teaching strategies and parent engagement has reminded parents recently that the sleep deprivation that so many teens put themselves through is really harming their social, education and communication abilities. A very good piece of advice is shut down all electronic devices at either 9pm or at least one hour prior to bed each night without fail – a very challenging concept. Go to for more information.

Parent Tool Kit – A US online resource

In conjunction with Pearson Education, NBC Education (an offshoot of the major media entity) has an excellent Parent Toolkit online resource that is allow to readily available for parents in similar advanced school systems. The issues of school stage challenges and social/emotional development are common to parents in countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States. Go to and check it out!

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