Parents and Schools Working Together – Professional Development

Australian Professional Teaching Standards 3.7.2 and 7.3.2

Parents and Schools Working Together is a teacher professional development program designed to develop teachers’ knowledge and skills in working effectively with parents of the children that they teach.  The program was developed in a collaboration between the NSW Parents’ Council, viagra order the Council of Catholic Schools Parents NSW, web the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations, and researchers from the Australian Catholic University.

Our courses are  delivered online and run across 1 week. They are highly interactive and there is a live web conference during the week. Each course has been accredited at 5 hours of professional Development for the Australian Professional Teaching Standards 3.7.2. and 7.3.2.

The program content:

? Introduces teachers to the concept of parent engagement in policy and practice

? Reviews key issues and themes from the research evidence and discusses their relevance to teachers

? Analyses case study examples from recent research and invites teachers to reflect on their own experiences

? Provides practical strategies that teachers can use to improve their success in working with parents

? Contributes to better understandings of issues faced by parents

? Builds communication and conflict resolution skills

Program materials are based on a broad evidence base from Australian and international research and are designed for new and experienced educators who are interested in working collaboratively with parents in order to improve the learning outcomes and school experiences of Australian school children. The program presents the perspectives of parents and invites educators to consider these perspectives in relation to their own experiences, professional relationships with parents, and school environments.


Understanding Parent Engagement – 5 hours

Communication – 5 hours

Home­School Conflict – 5 hours

Transitions – 5 hours

Creating a Welcoming School – 5 hours

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