Parents and Teachers Working Together

June 26, 2015 News


Research clearly demonstrates the significant influence of parents over their children’s engagement with learning, viagra and over their children’s educational achievements, this web yet this is a relatively new, treat and challenging, area for many schools and for many teachers.

Seeking to enhance the way in which teachers and parents relate to each other can be confronting, calling into question long-held beliefs and assumptions about the nature of education and learning, about roles and responsibilities and about power and control. There are also major logistical issues that cannot be ignored.

Yet despite these barriers, it is worth persevering to and buy cheap lamisil find ways to support parents in their engagement with their children’s learning, and to support parents and teachers to work collaboratively rather than in parallel or at cross purposes. As the research demonstrates, the benefits – for all – can be significant.

Article from 2 June 2015 – ACER research development articles.


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