Parenting Through the Last Year of School – ONLINE

February 6, 2016 


Is this the first time you have had a child entering the last year of school… or yet another round of the final years with a very different child and very different issues?

Whether you are a “newbie” parent to this stage of life or one facing a whole new set of challenges, this course will provide you with practical strategies, techniques and tools.

Our course is designed to help you not just keep your sanity during the final year of your child’s schooling, but help you to be pro-active and positive in parenting your school leaver.

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The course will be facilitated by Lyn Worsley, clinical psychologist and Director of the Resilience Centre in NSW.

Most of us parent our young ones by a default mechanism, responding to crisis as they arise and doing things because it is expected or following what our own parents did. However, this doesn’t necessarily help us to get through this stage of parenting with a goal in mind.

The course will explore:

  • Keeping it all in perspective and being a resilient parent
  • Developing your support and advice network
  • Knowing when to get involved and when to stand back
  • Developing a parent “to do” list for the final year
  • Coaching to maintain a balanced life
  • Managing distractions
  • Managing stress and your child’s stress
  • Creating Doughnut Moments
  • Transitioning to be a parent of an adult

In addition, Lyn Worsley will provide a psychologist’s perspective on:

  • Parents as facilitator and coach
  • Effective support and advice – what does this look like?
  • Mental Health Indicators and when to act
  • The impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement

We aim to instil a positive mindset that The Future is Bright and it is a world of possibilities!



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