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August 11, 2016 Emotional Education


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Raising Resilient Children is a 4 week online course for parents and carers wishing to gain a strengths based and practical insight into raising resilient kids from birth to the teen years.

At the end of the course, parents will have a foundation on which to make decisions that build resilience both with their kids and themselves personally.

The course will be facilitated by Lyn Worsley, clinical psychologist and Director of the Resilience Centre in NSW.

The next course will start on 1st Monday of each month and conclude at the end of the month.

Raising Resilient Kids is no easy task!

Most children don’t like to be pushed out of their comfort zones, and most juggle with balancing discipline and acceptance.

Take our Online course in the comfort of your own lounge room!

Course outline

Week 1

Understanding Resilience:what it is and what it is not; The Resilience Doughnut Model; Practical applications.

Week 2

Having resilient conversations; Keeping them optimistic; Focusing on the preferred future; Taking advantage of the difficulties.

Week 3

Development of moral reasoning and empathy; Social scanning for kindness; Decision process for parents; Using scaling to guide decision processes.

Week 4

Child management versus Child raising (knowing the difference); Tips for preparing for life; Awareness of the child’s place in the world; Practicing gratefulness.

This special On Line parenting course will be available during a 4 week period each month. Log on to your own convenience and progress at your own rate.




August 2016

The next course will start on 1st Monday of each month and conclude at the end of the month. You can start at any time on, or after, the first Monday and can work through the modules at your own pace.


All course materials are available in the training – released each week for you to download and keep.


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For further details contact: sue@theresiliencecentre.com.au

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