Students with disabilities are left stranded! What parents can do next.


The NSW Parents’ Council has had numerous calls from distressed parents not knowing how their disabled children are going to get to school this week due to the aptly termed ‘Stuff Up’, doctor as stated by Premier O’Farrell, with the Assisted School Transport program administered by the NSW Education Department.

A spokesperson from the Department told the Council that the contracts with the transport suppliers, which had been rejected late last week and over the weekend, were being reviewed and that the Department hoped that all travel arrangements for these students will be resolved by the end of the week.

According to the Department, ‘any extra transport costs incurred by families using taxis or other public transport options until the program is restored will be fully reimbursed. Schools will also be reimbursed for additional costs they incur that directly result from this disruption. For example, should a school bus be used, costs will be refunded’.

Concerned parents can contact the department on1300 338 276 for the cost of a local phone call or visit the Department website for more information at Click here or contact the NSW Parents’ Council on 02 9955 8276 or email

The NSW Parents’ Council will continue to seek an explanation as to why such a ‘Stuff Up’ occurred in the first place and to ensure parents never have to be put through such an emotionally draining and stressful situation again.

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