Supporting Students with Special Education Needs

May 25, 2015 News


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  • Supporting students with special education needs provides information relating to how NSW syllabuses cater for the full range of learners, what is involved in the collaborative planning process, and the sorts of adjustments that students with special education needs are entitled to, within the resources of the school.

  • Parents’ guide to the new syllabuses in the support materials section

  • Within the assessment section, read about the difference between assessment for, as and of learning as well as how students with special education needs are supported through adjustments to assessments.

  • Read some sample units, particularly those modelling adjustments (there is one for K-6 and one for 7-10 for each subject) and Life Skills (there is at least one for every subject). English and History have units of work that model integrating Life Skills into mainstream settings: English – the Storyteller and the Story; History – Industrial Revolution.

  • Visit the Life Skills Advice page, which discusses eligibility and assessment and reporting requirements. The same page can be found within each syllabus.

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